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City Fees and Licenses

The City of Springfield levies a one percent occupational license tax on wages, salaries, and commissions of individuals and on net profits of businesses. The City of Springfield also levies a $25 business regulatory license fee. An insurance premium tax is levied based on six percent of the premium in the city, four percent in the county, making the total ten percent for policies within the city limits of Springfield.

Planning and Zoning [top]

As allowed by Kentucky law, the City of Springfield has adopted Planning and Zoning regulations that direct the growth and physical development along orderly and economic lines. These regulations govern all development including but not limited to: subdivisions, infrastructure, new homes, additions, accessory buildings and signs in Springfield. Setbacks and dimensions are relative to the zoning district. To obtain information on the zone affecting your property or any other information, call Springfield City Hall at 859-336-5440.

Property Taxes [top]

The Kentucky Constitution requires the state to tax all classes of taxable property, and state statutes allow local jurisdictions to tax only a few classes. All locally taxed property is subject to county taxes and school district taxes (either a county school district or an independent school district). Property located inside of city limits may also be subject to city property taxes. 

Special local taxing jurisdictions (fire protection districts, watershed districts, and sanitation districts) levy taxes within their operating areas (usually a small portion of community or county). 

Property assessments in Kentucky are at 100% fair cash value. Accounts receivable are taxed at 85% of face value.

Schools [top]

U.S. Highway 150 and Kentucky Routes 55 and 555 serve Springfield. U.S. 150 is a "AAA"-rated (80,000-pound gross load limit) trucking highway, as well as Kentucky 555 which also serves as a bypass around the city.
Kentucky Route 55 is "AAA"-rated from its intersection with Bypass 555 south to Lebanon. Kentucky 55 north of Springfield and Kentucky 152 west of Springfield are "AA"-rated (62,000 pound gross load limit) trucking highways.
The Martha Layne Collins - Blue Grass Parkway, located 15 miles north of Springfield via Kentucky 555, traverses central Kentucky and provides access to the interstate highway system at Lexington, 54 miles east of Springfield, and at Elizabethtown, 43 miles west of Springfield.

Truck Service:
Thirteen common carrier trucking companies provide interstate and/or intrastate service to Springfield.
(Source: American Motor Carrier Directory, Fall 1994)

Rail Service
R.J. Corman Railroad Corporation, a branch line railroad, provides the nearest rail service to Springfield at Bardstown, Kentucky, 17 miles northwest. The nearest intermodal facilities are located at Louisville, Kentucky, 57 miles northwest of Springfield.
For details on routing, schedules, rates, and services contact:
R.J. Corman Railroad Corporation
Vice President-Operations
P.O. Box 279
Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone: 502-348-7444

Air Service
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Electric Service
City of Springfield: Kentucky Utilities (KU)
Major portion of Washington County: Salt River Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation
Northeastern border of Washington County: Fox Creek Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation
Southeastern border of Washington County: Inter-County Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation

Natural Gas

Source: Reservoir from Willisburg Lake
Treatment plant capacity: 2,000,000 gallons per day
Average daily consumption: 800,000 gallons
Peak daily consumption: 1,200,000 gallons
Storage capacity: 2,200,000 gallons
Water pressure: 40 psi to 100 psi

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
Design capacity: 880,000 gallons per day
Average daily flow: 520,000 gallons
Type of treatment: Secondary
Treated effluent discharged into: Road Run Creek